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The Maine Lake Life

Growing up in Maine on a small southern Maine lake, the feeling of being on the water was always so refreshing and peaceful. The first thing our family would do when coming home from school or work was to go directly to the deck to soak up the sun.  My mother would sit there; wine glass in hand and listen to the water lapping against the rocks on shore until it was time to make dinner. Our lake house was always the house to be at as this feeling of being on the water was what everyone else sought as well.

Lake life as we used to call it and still do is hard to explain unless you’ve lived it.  It calls you, it speaks to you, it’s your happy place. It is childhood camps, fishing, boating and swimming.  It is sitting on the dock with your feet in the water, waterskiing, bonfires and cookouts. It’s family reunions, frogs and loons.  From sunrises to sunsets, Norman to Ethel, lake life is memories that are made to last forever.

Living the lake life brings us together.  It takes away our daily stresses and has a profound way of drawing us into its natural beauty. 

The Belgrade Lakes evoke this feeling and have been bringing families and friends together for nearly a century.  Great Pond was of course the inspiration for “On Golden Pond”, the play written by Earnest Thompson who spent summers in the Belgrade Lakes region. 

On Golden Pond is a story of aging, family conflict, reconciliation & love; centered in an idyllic cottage on a lake. It undoubtably stirs up emotion but its the beauty and stillness of the lake and the stories and memories it holds that draws you into its grace.

If you are lucky enough to live the lake life, well then… you are lucky enough. And if you are looking for your own “golden pond”, we can help with that right here.



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